Sunday, March 21, 2010

King Rhythm

Hardships and Head Trips (Catalyst Act, 03.2010)

For: B. Dolan, Atmosphere, The Slew

Byline: Straight forward aggressive hip-hop reverberating in a cloud of noise rock and cracked beats. Summer time hip-hop comes early this year.

Summertime really is easy when the living is easy. A time when you plan impromptu road trips while packing great cruising albums to listen to as you drive with the windows down bobbing your head to the entrancing beat with no end in sight. Might I suggest, as you start to plan any outing, to add King Rhythm's Hardships & Head Trips to that quintessential album list. King Rhythm is a hydra of disparate styles that come together to make a distinctive progressive hip-hop statement. Hardships & Head Trips incorporates psychedelic funk, scuzzed out guitar licks (reminiscent of Kid Koala’s totally not rap-rock, rap-rock project 2009 project The Slew); all while maintaining an edge on classic soul standards. Rhythm’s beats are reminiscent of Dan The Automator and Kid Koala’s production work on Deltron 3030, but incorporate oddball musical genres that make broad overtures to Cincinnati’s rap duo Atmosphere. Though all the tracks make cohesive statement, making listening to the entire album quite easy, "Current Floor aka Kid do the Brick" and "Mad and Hating (for Syd)" are personal favorites. The songs are a source of energy and determination, and you cannot help but start moving first with your head and slowly the rest of your body following suit until it is in one fluid movement with the beat. King Rhythm's album is definitely a requisite for your warm weather soundtracks.


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