Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Dog To Visit The Center Of The Earth

Colossus Archosaur (2010, Self-Released)

For: Black Dice, early-Stag Hare, MZ Mona Mars,

Byline: There is gold down there.

How exactly would a dog get to the center of the earth? I mean like, logistically? I want to know because I am currently working on a big-budget, ID4 meets 2012 meets Air Bud family blockbuster event of the summer screenplay based around a team of scientists who are led by a lovable, irreverent talking dog scientist determined to keep the earths core spinning after a haywire secret government conspiracy test prophesied by Mayans. I am going to call this The First Dog To Visit The Center Of The Earth. Sorry to rip off your moniker like this but there are millions to be made. Nah, I wouldn't do that to FDVCE, his subterranean-molten jams are too tight, too colossus to even think about anthropomorphizing. FDVCE's fractured beats, pitch-shifting, knob-twisting proclivities, odd-ball sound samples (basketballs on "Levitate Teepee Rotate?") and pure tonal expressionism anchored by a bizarre, albeit brilliant, internal logic defy any process to bring this into any sort of natural environment. Not that Colossus Archosaur is somehow inorganic or divorced from any human involvement, on the contrary, we simply don't have a word for this; it's not in our phraseology. Any attempt to plumb the depths FDVCE's hour-and-a-half voyage to the center of the earth would be pure crypto-zoology, an elusive quest led by pseudo-scientists (and pseudo-music critics) to reach some conclusion that "it exists! I've seen (heard) it!" You just have to believe me. The unsettling tonal shifts, keyed up synth lines, ping-ponging electronically manipulated beats keep the trajectory space-bound, while washes of noise, tribal beats, occasional glimpses of a gloriously messed with vocal samples keep the soil-gazing trajectory down to our home planet. FDVCE compositions crawl, then soar, then screech, then roar. Quite simply this is one of the best things I have heard all year.

Moral of the story, FDVCE totally kills it. If you read Crawf's brilliant post on Boy Fruit's album Repulsive, chances are you are totally going to dig this. Definately cut from the same cloth, Crawford put it best when he said, "Boy Fruit’s tendency to produce songs that feel more like singles might be the rowdy, party-crazy teenage little brother to FDVCE’s sprawling segues and conceptually artful nerdiness." Agreed. How cool is it that FDVCE is making all of this sickly sweet ear-candy available for frees on the web? Well, what are you waiting for? Download this! FDVCE and Boy Fruit, for putting out music that totally blows us away we are extending a formal invitation for a Denver-Salt Lake City Mini-Tour to shower us with some of your outer-space jamz? Lodging and breakfast are on the house. So are rad bands to play with. The offer is on the table.

Ryan H.


  1. Yep, maybe even dinner in SLC :)

  2. wat is this Denver-Salt Lake City Mini-Tour? are you guys taking a bunch of bands around the denver area to play some shows? i would be totes down, if you could email me with a little more information that would be great!!
    (this is b0y fr00t by the way)

  3. thanks for using my video and cropping the shit out of it. ha, just kidding, but if you can embed a smaller size that would be sweet. fuck yes to FDVCE by the way, jay and jack are the shit.