Friday, May 21, 2010

FRIDAY NOSTALGIA!! — Braid pt. 2 and UPDATE!!!

Heyo there all ye' faithful TOMErs. This is just a quick note to tell you: We are tired. We wanted to have an extra special-cool FRIDAY NOSTALGIA!! post today... but alas, we just weren't able to crank a new one out for you to feverishly devour. If you'll notice, the TOME is now on track for a post every single day, and we couldn't be more proud to have you visiting us often for reviews on the exciting world of music we're constantly being immersed in, so thank ye' kindly. We really appreciate the readership and the comments peppering our little blog here, and are especially grateful for the wonderful bands and musicians sending new music our direction every day!

A couple of reminders — As always, we are looking for talented writers to join team TOME! If you think you share a similar taste and passion for music as either Ryan H. or Craw'z and have a knack for the written word, please feel free to e-mail us with a sample of your work: Don't be shy now. Second, you may have noticed our flashy little badge on the right-hand side of our page... yes, we totally caved and set up a Facebook account for the blog. Feel free to "fan" us or "like" us or whatever as you see fit by clicking on the badge—the Facebook page allows for folks who don't necessarily visit every day to see in a flash what today's post is all about. Go ahead, join the party... you know you want to.

And now, just so we don't leave you empty handed on this glorious Friday afternoon, please enjoy pt. 2 of Ryan H.'s healthy obsession with that wondrous proto-prog/emo outfit Braid by reading his in-depth interview through SLC's (completely awesome) SLUG Magazine. Enjoy, and happy weekend!

—Craw'z 5/21/2010

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