Friday, April 2, 2010


What is FRIDAY NOSTALGIA!! Well, it is just that. Every friday on the TOME we are going to afford an exclusive view into our collective musical pasts. A little glimpse into important musical moments in our childhood/adolescence/2008 that shaped our musical tastes and interests. I thought I would kick off the inagural friday with something truly special. View.

While not the most prolific Ex-Fugee, Pras did have a moment of brilliance with this collaboration with now the posthumous Ol' Dirty Bastard and (major middle school crush) Mya. Do You remember CD singles? No? Well, I bought this (along with the B-Side "Blue Angels" which actually showed up on the album Ghetto Superstar) for 4 $ at Sam Goody in the mall while probably wearing yellow tinted sunglasses and cargo pants. I was going through a weird stage. 13 was not by best year. I later bought the full length Ghetto Superstar, which for my undevloped critical tastes, I could identify as being wholly underwhelming. Most of collaborations were phoned in voicemail messages by artists who never appear on the album. Oh well, at least Mya went on to do this.

Well, I don't really know how to follow this up. Crawford has some pretty big shoes to fill for next friday's nostalgia.

Ryan H.

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