Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Like Where I Live

Coordinates EP (04.09, Slow Receiver)

For: M83, Trembling Blue Stars, 0=0

Byline: Introspective, shoegazey electro-pop from Glasgow.

If something was really, really awesome do you think it would be given away as free? Capitalism doesn't have a word or a place for things of really high quality being given away as free. If something is free it is labeled "complimentary" and usually involves plastic and overseas slave labor. Luckily the internet and a young Scot calling himself I Like Where I Live have leveled the playing field, putting out a downright charming EP for 100% gratis. I Like Where I Live play the same kind of upbeat M83 style shoegaze synths with a driving electronic back beat but filtered through the UV killing Scottish fog. Scottish Mope-Core has a way of turning a four-on-the-floor pop song into a floor-gazing, introspective act of cathartic release. Like knowing the world is at large is a pretty depressing place but dancing through unchanneled angst. "At Sea with the Microcat" has the type of unabashed sincerity and longing that could only express itself within the format of a dance track. Masking such personal feelings in the communal act of the dancy electro-pop song lets the introspective lyrics outside of the standard "kid-with-a-guitar-and-a-bunch-of-sad-songs" trope. The result are beautiful, aspiring and ultimately beautiful colleciton of songs that reach way beyond anything that we at the Tome expected.

Ryan H.

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