Tuesday, July 28, 2009

MZ Mona Mars

Raws (whenever.09, Killer Buds/We're Petrified!)

Byline: Lost in Hyphy-Space

For: The bass lines to Usher's "Love in this Club" or Lil' John's "Snap yo Fingers, JJ, Clark

Grab your neon colored stunner shades. Put on that jumpsuit. We're going to Ghost Ride the Millenium Falcon all the way to the hottest dance party in the galaxy hosted by MZ Mona Mars. Synth heavy dance music in a galaxy far, far away. T-Pain vs. Logan's Run. Well, anyway. I could go on. But you kind of get the point right? Totally spaced buzzing synths, scuzzy low end bass hits, a whole Rapman cache of special effects piled into a gloriously catchy back beat. Space Crunk? Whatever you call it, MZ Mona Mars has got it going on in spades. Just try not to listen to the pitch shifted vocals on "Eagle/Evil Eyes" without getting giddy. The rest of the 22 minutes of the album are just as exciting, until I recently overdosed on Isis, Raws was playing non stop in my house, on my i pod. They remind me of a way less hyped Holy F*word, if that one song "Lovely Allen" wasn't on the LP. Brilliant programming and timing, just when one line gets comfortable, bam, switch yo' style up and MZ Mona Mars is rolling on a new tempo. This is so 3008. MZ Mona Mars is a mysterious product of a mysterious SLC collective of gloriously skewed pop musicians, who when together, form a Voltron-like musical entity known as We're Petrified! They are playing a show on the 31st at the Woodshed, and all this has made me curious enough to check it out. I may just have to skip my 1,000th Silver Antlers show, which is a bummer in itself. The great thing about this album is that it is straight up free! Please do yourself a favor and jam to this with the few days of 100 degrees we have left.

Ryan H.


  1. Rapman?! Yes! Wasn't a good portion of Ill Dorado conceived on one of those?

  2. In fact, all of Ill Dorado was conceived on the Rapman.