Thursday, June 25, 2009


Calliope (2008, Self Released)

Byline: There Will Be Air-Drumming

For: Deerhoof, Enon, Curtains

Packing an album chalk-full of musical ideas is a double edged sword. On one hand having such a varied approach leads to generous genre-hopping cherry picking. On the other hand the kalideoscopic mash-up can be completely beguiling to a music reviewer trying to sum up a bands sound with as little effort as possible. Thanks Vitamins for making my job as unpaid-writing-as hobby blogger harder than it already is. Vitamins are a 4-piece out of Greeley (you've never been there) Colorado. Greeley is the agricultural cradle of Colorado, in other words slaughterhouses and cowboys, big trucks and crew cuts. So how does a sound like Vitamins fit in in a place like Greeley? Insert familiar euphemism of your choice here. When in their element Vitamins play straight ahead ahead rock and roll like Deerhoof is straight ahead rock and roll, meaning it is riddled with diversions and deviances which at at first blush sound familiar and on a closer inspection completely alien. The rhythm section, held down by Crawford Philleo, anchors the jazz-inspired starts, stops, time changes and chord progressions in a worldly glory. The guitar work range from the angular post-punk stylings of Wire post-math craziness of Enon or Deerhoof. Lizzy Allen's soft voice floats in and out of each song at times acting as the vehicle and at times another instrument. This is Vitamins at their most straight ahead. Littered along the album are a few country homages to their transplanted residence as well as a hip-hop interlude?? All of this is leads to an incredibly varied, exciting debut. Their new album is out now-ish and they will be making two stops in SLC, on July 6th at Burt's Tiki Lounge and 17th TBD. Let me know if you can procure a venue (a.k.a anywhere) for the 17th.  

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