Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kill and Eat

Green Bushes (4.09, Alright Now)

Byline: Endlessly listenable experimental jazz

For: Him, P;ano, Lil Slugger

The elevator opens into a penthouse overlooking the city at night. A young woman in a sparkling red dress steps out and views the expanse. Eventually, her gaze lands on the back of a mans head as he sits in an black leather sectional with his back towards the elveator's door. He is dressed in a black suit, his bare shin is visible just above the sockline. His fingers are slightly tapping his drink as his head bobs and sways to a slinky piano piece on the stereo. A muted trumpet solo begins, its notes flourish and then diminish as a buried drum set keeps the time with lazy brush strokes and an occasional top hat ring. As the trumpet solo bows out the tempo picks up and the piano and the drums reach a restrained climax. He raises his head in exultation from a result of the exuberance of the music and the booze now sloshing out of his glass. He hears a voice behind him, "hello", says the woman in the red dress. "I'm sorry, I just sort of let myself in..."

This moment brought to you by "Green Bushes", the first track off Kill and Eat's album "Green Bushes".  Sans artwork, I thought I would bring you into the world that Kill and Eat's late night jazz brought me into. Kill and Eat make the kind of restrained brilliance that either inspire trances or brilliant movie scenes (see above). An expansive and tuneful three tracks that recall the breezy nonchalance of p;ano with the same shapeshifting ambiance of Brian Eno.  A true listening pleasure perfect for doing aforementioned swanky activities or completely zoning out, getting lost in warm, fuzzy repetition. Tres Sexy.

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